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How to Choose a Sound Bar to Get Best Experience

Entertainment is one of the most required things for people of all age groups. Whether you are a teenager, adult, or grown up, you would like to have a great entertainment in your way. When it comes to the indoor entertainment, the TV set is one of the most suited entertainment machines at your home. Not only because it brings you different kinds of the entertaining programs but also because it brings your family together. A complete family can be together entertaining various kinds of the TV programmes and make the lifestyle better with harmony. But you can think of the better machines and accessories for taking your TV entertainment to the next level. Using quality sound bar can make your entertainment much more exciting by increasing your TV performance. Read the following tips on how to choose a sound bar for your TV set.

The first and foremost thing while buying a soundbar is to decide whether you want to buy a used or a new item. To some extent used sound bar can be a good option in terms of budget, however, some people fear that the used ones can have flaws. If there is no issue of the budget, you can choose the new one.


The second thing is to determine the sound you need. You should figure out what you will most frequently use your sound bar for. Most of the people in home use television for watching general programmes and occasional sporting event, some like to watch exciting loud and thrilling movies, however, the new generation likes to be involved in playing video games. That is why as per the group you belong to, your sound bar need may be different.

The shape and size of your room also matter, so before buying your soundbar, you need to consider the shape and size of the room where you want to set the equipment. For this, you can consider looking the sizing chart and recommendations. These will help you choose the sound system best fitted to your room.

Look into the compatibility of the sound system. Before you buy a sound system, it's important for you to make sure that the soundbar will be compatible with the machine you already own or you are going to buy. A sales assistant can help you know its suitability. In fact, if it's possible, you should consider purchasing a sound system that is made by the same manufacturer. Buying the soundbar manufactured by the same company will help you avoid problems with incompatibility. It will make it easier to pair your new equipment with your television.


Budget is one of the most important things you need to consider before buying your product. Before you take the final decision, you should try different products and finally choose the most suitable product that comes with your budget.


How to Reduce Electricity Bill of Your Home?

Everyone has a desire to have a dream home equipped with smart electronic home appliances. Constructing a house and equipping it with the modern home appliances are the first things you need to consider for fulfilling your desire, but remember, it is not the end of efforts you need to put. Actually buying home appliances and using them properly are the things for which you need to put some extra attention and efforts. Once you buy your home appliances and use them carelessly, you find a surprising thing when you notice the large amount of your electricity bill. Yes, it is always advisable to pay a hard attention on how to reduce your electricity bill. We hope you also desire to minimize your bill so that you can have a sigh of relief. Let us discuss some valuable tips to reduce the electricity bill.

Buying home appliances that consume lower energy:

It is our mistake to choose the appliance which consumes a higher energy. Sometimes we buy an instrument or home appliance with the capacity larger than we actually require, and we let the appliance consume a higher electric power. That is why while buying home appliances like washing machine, microwave oven, refrigerator or air conditioners; you require determining the exact requirement.

Choose the reputed brands:

Reliable brands take great care to build and design home appliances that consume lower energy that is why choose the suitable ones. In the beginning you can find them comparatively expensive, but in the long run, you will find them beneficial and comfortable from the perspective of saving energy.

For better uses of refrigerators and freezers:

Remember, keeping the fridge open for a long time causes the machine to work harder to re-cool the warmer air which just comes in it. Apart from that, you should not place your fridge too close to the wall. Just leave some space between the fridge or freezer and the wall.


Using Air Conditioners:

In the room where air conditioners are adjusted, windows and doors should not be opened. Air-conditioned rooms should be sealed as much as possible. If you have windows and doors open, it makes the air-conditioner draw more power for cooling the extra spaces which the open doors and windows create.


Using Fans:

While using a ceiling fan or standing fan in the room, keep windows and louvers open. In this way, the fan can more efficiently draw the cool air from outside and it can push out warm air more efficiently.


Lights and bulbs

Always use energy efficient LED bulbs or more energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). By using them, you will save a significant amount of money in electricity bills. For optimum efficiency, you should switch on the lights only when it's dark or you need them. On the other hand, you should switch off the lights immediately the sun rises.


Switch on Home appliances when you need them

A large amount of energy goes waste as we are careless to switch off our instruments even when we do not need them. Like television, refrigerator, electric bulbs, mobile phones charger, water heater, etc. should be switched off when you do not need their uses.


Valuable Things You Should Consider While Buying a Laptop

Nearly two decades ago, laptops were not so efficient, capable and charming looking as these are in modern time. Laptops were bought with chunky keyboard and a hard drive measured in megabytes, it was not in Gigabytes as it is in modern laptops. Apart from that, the products were heavy and expensive. Thanks to modern technology that has provided much more efficient, light weighted and stunning in appearance laptops:

In the present days, markets are full of a variety of laptops with different features and capabilities that is why choosing a suitable laptop can be a bit of challenge. On the basis of works and requirements, you can buy one which best suits your purpose. High-end systems can be used for games and notebooks for taking notes. So before buying a machine, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Just read the following important things about your machine and requirement.


Define your requirement and purpose:

First of all, think over why you are going to buy a laptop. Is it to take notes, make power point presentation or do some other business work? Does your purpose behind buying a laptop consist of entertainment like watching HD movies, video chatting with your friends and playing video games? After choosing it, it would be more comfortable for you to choose the right fit machine.

Consider your budget:

Just figure out how much you are going to spend on a laptop and then find the best laptop in that particular budget range. Don't forget to find the features you need for your particular purpose.

Choose a reputed brand:

While buying a laptop, you can feel something confused thinking which brand option is the best one for you. Most of the popular brands known for their quality are in the market you can choose anyone. Apple's laptop can be the right fit choice if you require high-end performance. However, you can find Apple's laptops something pricier than many other PCs. If you don’t go for Apple, you can buy some other brands, but you should choose only the brand that earns its reputation for its quality and commitment.


Battery Life:

Battery life is perhaps one of the most crucial considerations which you need to bring into your consideration whiling choosing a laptop. Try to find out how long a laptop's battery will last. A powerful battery can give you freedom from the stress of changing it very soon.


Size and weight:

For some reasons, you can choose a heavy and large size of laptops. But don't forget that heavy laptops kill mobility. That is why while choosing the size, think over your requirement and the convenience of taking it with you to required places. Today the manufacturing brands take great care to design the machine. Laptops with a slim body, light weighted and different sizes are available in the market. It is better to go for a computer with a smaller or average screen.

size & wait

Processor and Graphics:

Choose a laptop with the high-end processor if you want to run programs quickly and efficiently. A laptop's processor determines how efficiently it can run programs. It can provide you with the multi-tasking facilities to complete your system.

processor & graphic

Storage and memory:

For your requirement of storing a huge data, you can find a high storage capacity laptop. All laptops store data on hard disk. And it can be varied from laptop to laptop. You can choose any suitable storage capacity. The prices also differ according to different storage capacities.

storage & MEMORY

New Possibilities in the Android World

New inventions in the mobile technology maintain the flow of development in the android world too. New features and capabilities are added to every new generation of mobiles. Companies that take great care to build something extraordinary with their android phones bring the imaginations to the reality. Users in any part of world become addicted of using advanced features for performing different works. It seems that no sphere of life has left untouched with the mobile features, capabilities and functionalities. The applications and software have given this technical world an elevated level.

Comfort of using Smartphones has made the devices, the necessity of the modern life. Apart from using the latest features and accomplishing numerous tasks with the help of your device, it has also become a status symbol for most of the people across the world. While holding a very slim and amazingly attractive device in hands, people generally think themselves equipped with the latest machine and feel proud of having highly popular branded product. Slim body and bigger screen of the Smartphones have made these kinds of mobiles convenient to be held in hands in place of using desktop or laptop at a place.


Whether it is business, education or normal life, the advancement of the technology of android phones has given a lot to do with. There is no sphere of life which has not been affected by this cutting edge technology. The dependence of the businesses on the technology has reached beyond the expectations. However by now a huge number of people, even those who have already been using such devices, are unknown to various kinds of features and capabilities which these mobile phones have.

High mega pixel cameras make it most useful for almost everyone as high clarity of pictures with their own device provide users with a great convenience to preserve their beautiful moments with a single click. In the present scenario, market is full of the mobile phone devices with high mega pixel cameras, but the technology seems to have no limit of it as every new generation comes up with advanced quality cameras. Users in the future can also dream of better facilities in photography. Android Mobiles have compatibility with numerous kinds of accessories like Virtual Reality device which enhances the user experience with Smartphones. Designers and developers are striving to give better experience in the usability and functionality of the Smartphones and their continual effort either have touched the common requirement of people or will soon fulfill it with the uses of such kinds of devices.

maxresdefault (1)

As a conclusion of the article, it can be rightly said that the place which a mobile technology has gained by now is really surprising common people, however it is not the final stage of its development. It has a lot to achieve for making the devices much more useful for people and definitely, users will have it with their next generations of the devices.


Impacts of Apple's iPhone in Changing the World within Last Decade

The first appearance of Apple iPhone occurred nearly ten years ago. With the new and current features, the Smartphone attracted a large number of users from across the world. Since its first arrival, the advancement and progress of the technology of the mobile phone never gave any frustration to the industry. Every generation of Apple iPhone came into existence with some of the new and innovative features which rightly met the needs of the time. People from different countries of the world take advantages of them. At the time of its launch, it was not only Smartphone, it also faced the competition of the industry but due to its quality and functionality, its launch created a revolution in the mobiletechnology.

Since its launch, it is considered that the iPhone has put the internet in everyone's pocket, and made it possible that everyone can access the internet anytime anywhere. It was really an exciting experience for every user. When Steve Jobs, for the first time, unveiled the Apple iPhone, he declared it as 'a revolutionary mobile phone'.


This internet-supporting mobile device has had the biggest effect on the world. A large number of mobile users do various tasks regarding to internet on this device. That's most obvious in research that it showed the usage of mobile voice relatively steady growth. And it has exploded mobile internet traffic which was boosted by iOS and Android apps. With the help of the cutting edge technology of the mobile phones, people take and store photos and especially videos over the years.

With the advanced feature of high quality camera of the iPhone, photography has been transformed from a hobby to a part of everyday life. Clear and great pictures of different occasions or natural sights encourage many of users to preserve the beautiful and memorable moments with quality images. The iPhone has attendant photo-editing apps and high quality in-built cameras, so it makes every user able to put good device with cameras in pockets and so most of us became prolific photographers. Apart from that, the simultaneous rise of social media sites has given us a place and a reason to post our photos and videos on different social media sites.


The iPhone App Store has changed the way of creating and distributing software. After launching, its App Store in 2008, just a year after the iPhone's launch, it has created about 500 apps to facilitate different users and various tasks. Whether it is field of education or business or personal life, the iphone applications have dominated the world in doing various tasks with the mobile phone device.

Having Apple iphone with you does not only matter that you have only a device that gives you facilities receiving and making voice calls or text messages. Now there are a large number of applications that have influenced the various tasks of people.


The Law that Aims to Reduce the Blemish

Given to the increasing use of digital devices in the global society, the consequent amplification of e-waste has become a perturbing malady of present times. In most of the digitally advanced countries, the augmented electronic dumps are indeed a hazard to deal with. This is especially the case with Ghana whose outskirt of Agbogbloshie is fatedly entitled as the biggest scrap-yard for electronic garbage in the whole world. However, to fight this malady, the apex governmental body of Ghana, its Parliament came out with the law of Hazardous and Electronic Waste Control and Management in the year of 2016.


Cardinally the part 2 of this Act is effective in dealing with this growing agony of Ghana. It is targeted for the management and disposal of the WEEE or wastes electrical and electronic equipment—the main malady which tears the social texture of Ghana. Through this clause, the outsourcing, importing, vending, bargaining and buying of all sorts of perturbing electronic garbage or any malicious dumps are totally barred. Further the dropping of any kind of perilous cyber-tonics waste or any related debris in any part of the country’s lands or water.

This legal norm has indeed shown a ray of light amidst the darkened background of amplified electronic rubbish. The bestowal of Governmental taxes over dump-sites, the necessary charges for dumping and the strategic framework to address the peril has authentically smoothened the creased picture of Ghana's silicon arena. Moreover, the distinctive fund set up for Electronic and Electrical Engineering vigilance has encouraged bureaucrats to be more heedful in the proper administration of this harassing issue.

We at Tigmoo welcome this initiative of the Ghana Government and pledge to channelize our commercial actions towards the goal of 'No More E-Waste'.


Be Prudent to Make the Nifty Move and Avail the Deft One

Your smartphone is doubtlessly the most prized possession of yours. You always strive to own that adept Android cellular which is both technologically up-to-date and by-look most sleek one. But what miffs you up the most is which Smartphone is true 'Smart'? Going by the favoritism trend of the society, you think of going for the pieces offered by the brand of Samsung. However here too there is a dilemma of which piece of the house is authentically sleek. A fine decision on your part will be to make the selection between the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8/S8+. Now, which within the two is the aptest for you depends upon your list of criterion. What we can do best to aid you in this regard is to give a coherent representation of the inherent features of the two digital gears.


The essential comparison between Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8/S8+ can be chronicled as:

  • The display screen of infinity feature of the Galaxy S8/S8+ comes in 5.8 and 6.2 measures, whereas the Galaxy Note 8 is a bigger measure screen of scale 6.3 inches.
  • The difference in display dimension is also quite noticeable. The Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with the breadth of 162.5 x 74.8x and the Galaxy S8 plus is bestowed with the vastness of 1599.5 x 73.4×8.1mm.
  • Both of the gizmos are finely furnished with the dual faced camera, telephoto convex and broad pixel sensor of Duel character. As for the battery backup, the Galaxy Note is endowed with a 3300 mAh battery, the S8 comes with a 3,000 mAh and the S8+ is equipped with a 3,500mAh one.
  • The trait of S pen is constant in both the varieties.

  • galaxy-s8-s8

    At our e-store Tigmoo, we ensure of the crucial 2 years warranty tagged to every Samsung device. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is available at our portal at the best bargain. We pledge that the proportion of cedi a Ghanaian spends in buying any of these Android apparatuses from us gets its total value.


    With Wisdom and Wit make the Fruitful Digital Choice

    Whether you are a gizmo pro or just a digi-lover, being the owner of the savviest Android Phone is undoubtedly your most coveted dream. From the first day of your professional career, you plan your finances to fulfill this desire. But, when you have the fiscal resources, another hindrance comes in front of you. Your mind is baffled up with the question of which cellular phone of which brand will be the most fruitful for your Ghanaian cedi. Well, know that the ultimate decision rests upon you, but if you are thinking of choosing one from Samsung's Galaxy S Series, then here are a few suggestions that you can check out:

  • The model of Galaxy S2 is a much notable one primarily known for its long-run serviceability. The 8-megapixel camera, the OS of Android upgradable to v4.1 Jelly Bean and the internal memory of either 16 GB or 32 GB added to 1 GB RAM makes this device a fit choice for the money.
  • Next, comes the Galaxy S III which is mind-stealing one for its super sleek design. The state-of-the-art slim screen and the angular back cover turns it into a digital accessory to flaunt. Further, the adaptability with v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.3 Jelly Bean, the trait of an 8-megapixel camera and as far as 64 GB internal memory along with 1 GB RAM amplifies its preference as the mobile to possess.
  • The Samsung S6 Edge is another titillating electronic artifact which stands up totally to every Ghanaian cedi spend against it—in both terms of productivity and profile. The highly slender body builds up and the pro 16-megapixel camera is apt to satisfy your fancy needs. The security trait of a fingerprint scanner and the evolve-able OS up to v5.1.1 Lollipop and the storage capacity of sequences 32 or 64 or 128 GB quenches your thirst for technological excellence.

  • d771baf8b12f.original

    At Tigmoo, you can rightfully explore all the latest S Series phones along with the three above-mentioned ones and thereby become a real Super Smart Android possessor. Our e-store is committed to catering to all Ghanaian the holistic digital shopping experience. We try to provide you with the best possible deal over price. Sold Samsung’s products are marked with the brand’s essential 2-year assurance.


    iPhone 8 in An Amazing Look with New Features

    Apple has been a popular name in the mobile industry, and almost all users from across the world have already accepted the brand to be one of the market leaders. The quality and commitment with products have made it the right choice for users. No need to say about the quality of the products depicting their features and capabilities, the Apple, the name of the leader, is sufficient to build a trust between products and users. In the form of the new generation of iPhones, iPhone 8 will fulfill the desired requirements of users.

    For users' kind information, it is to state that Apple is going to make a huge change to its next iPhone. Users will be able to reap the advanced features and capabilities. The iPhone 8 which is by now only a rumor for users has been announced that this will be launched soon with innovative features. Users will find it significantly different from previous iPhone in terms of its designs and other features.


    Users have many different choices of mobile phone designs on the internet, and they are likely fond of some of them, but they would find the design of iPhone8, an extra ordinary due to its up-gradation. In the efforts made to bring the best look and design, it looks like Apple has the latest look with its final design for the iPhone 8.

    Final Look for Apple iPhone 8 has been confirmed by a reddit user. You can take it like the source of these latest design renders has come from a Reddit user. This guy has been a friend who works in the industry. According to his conceptualization, the iPhone 8 will have a stunning front design. It will look to be practically bezel-less, just like you find the design of the Samsung Galaxy 8.

    The next change made in this device is related to its camera. Actually, the back of the phone will have the highly capable rear camera. It will be fitted vertical in place of prior horizontal one.

    Charging system has also been modified to make more it efficient. The device iPhone 8 will also have great feature as a glass chassis. It will provide the advantage of wireless charging and bring the latest iPhone as the featured one. Wireless charging system will provide users with the freedom from connecting the device from the power point with a wire.


    Apart from that, there are some other points that may be seen as the changes in the features of the iPhone 8. You may also find that there isn’t a home button on the front display of the device and you may also miss the fingerprint scanner in sight on the back.


    Your Next Smartphone Will Have Amazing Innovations with Biometrics

    Some of us can be satisfied with the pin code security on their Smartphone. They can think that this feature is enough to make their device safe. But the cutting edge technology has brought a right and best fit biometric system to lock and unlock your Smartphone. Finger print sensors are able to recognize the users' finger prints and give better option of security.

    Most of Smartphones that are launched into the market come up with fingerprint sensors out of which some devices have such finger print sensors on the front of the device especially on the home button, some of the Smartphones have them on their side and some others have finger print sensors on the back of the phone. This finger print sensor technology provides great convenience to users and actually makes unlocking the device a breeze.

    You know, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and takes a new form with inventions. Most popular Smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung and Apple are having a race to find new destinations in the process of development in mobile technology. These companies are striving to develop the next wave of biometrics for Smartphones. New biometric system under this next wave includes having the fingerprint scanner on the device screen directly. It is great to unlock the device just when a user touches its screen when the phone is locked. The finger print scanner implemented instantaneously scans and unlocks the device.


    Before launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it was a rumor that the device will be launched with this feature. But on release, it came to be known that the fingerprint scanner was conveniently placed on the back of the device. The same kind of rumor rose about the Apple. Apple was actually working on iPhone 8 to load the device with this feature but Apple felt difficulty in implementing this feature. Apple may just place a finger print scanner at the back of the phone.


    But to the surprise of the technological world, Vivo, a Chinese mobile manufacturing company has already developed and implemented this latest technology. Vivo has developed this new fingerprint sensor technology and according to which Vivo’s technology Vivo Under Display is a fingerprint sensor and it can be positioned under glass, aluminum or an OLED screen.

    The finger print sensor is ultrasonic which could actually be found in some existing devices. The ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic sound waves and these waves can penetrate the skin of your finger and actually capture a 3D image of your fingerprint. Vivo's fingerprint sensor cannot be affected by ambient light, and the best part is that it can also work with wet fingers and sweat marks. For making it

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