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Impacts of Apple's iPhone in Changing the World within Last Decade

The first appearance of Apple iPhone occurred nearly ten years ago. With the new and current features, the Smartphone attracted a large number of users from across the world. Since its first arrival, the advancement and progress of the technology of the mobile phone never gave any frustration to the industry. Every generation of Apple iPhone came into existence with some of the new and innovative features which rightly met the needs of the time. People from different countries of the world take advantages of them. At the time of its launch, it was not only Smartphone, it also faced the competition of the industry but due to its quality and functionality, its launch created a revolution in the mobiletechnology.

Since its launch, it is considered that the iPhone has put the internet in everyone's pocket, and made it possible that everyone can access the internet anytime anywhere. It was really an exciting experience for every user. When Steve Jobs, for the first time, unveiled the Apple iPhone, he declared it as 'a revolutionary mobile phone'.


This internet-supporting mobile device has had the biggest effect on the world. A large number of mobile users do various tasks regarding to internet on this device. That's most obvious in research that it showed the usage of mobile voice relatively steady growth. And it has exploded mobile internet traffic which was boosted by iOS and Android apps. With the help of the cutting edge technology of the mobile phones, people take and store photos and especially videos over the years.

With the advanced feature of high quality camera of the iPhone, photography has been transformed from a hobby to a part of everyday life. Clear and great pictures of different occasions or natural sights encourage many of users to preserve the beautiful and memorable moments with quality images. The iPhone has attendant photo-editing apps and high quality in-built cameras, so it makes every user able to put good device with cameras in pockets and so most of us became prolific photographers. Apart from that, the simultaneous rise of social media sites has given us a place and a reason to post our photos and videos on different social media sites.


The iPhone App Store has changed the way of creating and distributing software. After launching, its App Store in 2008, just a year after the iPhone's launch, it has created about 500 apps to facilitate different users and various tasks. Whether it is field of education or business or personal life, the iphone applications have dominated the world in doing various tasks with the mobile phone device.

Having Apple iphone with you does not only matter that you have only a device that gives you facilities receiving and making voice calls or text messages. Now there are a large number of applications that have influenced the various tasks of people.

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