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Check out these Freetel Mobiles..Special Features & Prices

In the series of top mobile brands, Freetel Mobiles also earns its incredible reputation in the global market. Being a Jananese mobile brand, Freetel is known for its quality and commitment for its electronic device in the international market. The brand's reputation is growing fast and it reaches to different corners of the world. It is all because of its features, functionality, capabilities and high quality which its devices come up with.

If you are native of Ghana and looking for the quality device, then you can trust on the Freetel mobiles which are high featured ones. The brand takes great care to bring new models with latest technology and innovative mobile ideas. No matter which kinds of your purpose is behind buying of your device, the Freetel mobiles fulfill your entire requirement. As the features and functionalities differ from device to device, and the budget varies as per their features and qualities. No matter which budget you have, you would be able to buy a Freetel mobile to meet your mobile needs under your budget.


In Ghana, Tigmoo is a well reputed online place where you can meet your needs for Freetel mobiles at different budgets. Freetel mobile category at Tigmoo's website fulfills the choice of the lower budget device which can have some basic features like smaller size screen, lower storage capacity and lower MP camera. On the contrary, you can have high features like bigger screen display, larger storage capacity and higher mega pixel camera, but yes for buying these high-end performing deices, you need to spend higher budget. If you buy any device of them, you can have a great device in your hand for surfing internet, playing games, watching videos, sending and receiving mails and texts to your contacts.

With great convenience and hassle free delivery services, the online store brings a great opportunity for natives of Ghana to buy online Freetel Mobiles. If you are really interested to buy any one of the branded products, you can visit the website of Tigmoo. You will have a lot of options of Freetel mobiles. The descriptions and special features of the mobiles with the prices are mentioned at the page. You can check all features about your device and check which is the best suited for your requirement and budget.

You can visit the right place if you click the following link.

At this page, you can find the following list of mobile phone devices manufactured by Freetel.

  • Freetel Rei 32 GB (Champagne Gold)
  • Freetel Rei 32 GB (Metal Silver)
  • Freetel Musashi 8 GB (White)
  • Freetel Musashi 8 GB (Black)
  • Freetel Ice 2 Plus 8 GB (White)
  • Freetel Ice 2 Plus 8 GB (Black)
  • 15Jun

    How to use your Reward & Loyalty Points so that You Can Pay Less?

    It is exciting to earn money for just registering on a website. Interesting? Let us discuss the reward and loyalty programs run on Tigmoo's official website. Tigmoo, one of the most trusted online stores in Ghana with some categories such as electronic devices, home appliances, computing devices etc. brings lucrative offers and run promotional loyalty programs to make the online shopping much more enjoyable for customers. For availing these offers and programs, you need to know what these reward and loyalty programs are and how these opportunities can be cashed for more benefits.

    To make you understand, it is necessary to make you aware of an example: Suppose you go to any ecommerce website to purchase any product via it, you need to get registered on it filling some personal details like name, email address, user name, and sometimes credit or debit card information. After that you need to explore the site to choose your desired product. After all you buy your product and pay for that but there is no opportunity to cut price value of that product. This is all you generally do on any ecommerce website, but here is which brings more fun and rewards for users of the site. Let us explore the process how you avail the reward and loyalty programs for online shopping.

    Untitled design (1)

    At the first step when you register at, you begin to earn some reward points, and further it, there are some more chances of earning reward points such as purchasing any product, writing a review for it, signing up for newsletter. Not only this, but also participation in any contest and your "share or Like a product" can earn you some reward points. Focus on the following list to know how many rewards points can be won on which level?

    Earning points: Here RP= reward points
    Types of Earning/Options         Value in USD/GHS     Redemption method
    Earn on Purchase                            $ .5(GHS 2)= 1 rp      100 rp = $ 1(GHS 4)
    Earn on registration                          Straight 50    rp      100 rp = $ 1(GHS 4)
    Earn on "write a review"                   Straight 25 rp            100 rp = $ 1(GHS 4)
    Earn on" sign up for newsletter       Straight 25 rp          100 rp = $ 1(GHS 4)
    Earn on participation in contest       Straight 25 rp          100 rp = $ 1(GHS 4)
    Earn on share or like a product       Straight 5 rp          100 rp = $ 1(GHS 4)

    Using Reward Points: Customers can use their accumulated reward points under the following limitations.

  • Redemption of reward points is allowed for a minimum purchase/cart value of $ 50(GHS 200)
  • Redemption of points is not allowed for accessories category
  • Transfer for reward points is not allowed
  • Expiry of reward points is at the end of calendar year
  • Some premier products can have extra RPs
  • Minimum one time redemption is by 100 rp.

  • Reward Points' expiration: If customer does not visit the site for two years, his or her reward/loyalty points will automatically expire, however within the time an auto generated reminder mail will be dropped to the customer's inbox to remind him or her to come back and purchase before the reward points expire.

    Disclaimer: All rights are exclusively reserved with The terms & conditions regarding to the reward points and their redemption can be changed any time without any prior notice.


    Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Floors

    You can have a lot of easy and effective cleaning solutions to keep your home free of germs, microscopic mites and dust. The quality machines are used to give your cleaning work an ideal standard which brings a real pleasant sense of cleanliness. In the present article we are going to explain how clean your floor with a vacuum cleaner.

    Vacuum cleaner is really a valuable tool a homeowner owns to keep their floors clean. To meet different kinds of needs, different types of vacuum cleaners- all with their own set of pros and cons, are available in the market. If you really like to enjoy experience of ultimate cleanliness of your floor, you need to buy any vacuum cleaner and then learn how to make this cleaning process more successful and efficient with it. All property owners having vacuum cleaners and all those who work in cleaning agency must read the following tips to make their vacuum cleaning task more useful. We assume that you already own a vacuum cleaner machine and are open to learn tips on how to use it like a pro.


    Choose the right setting:

    Different types of vacuum cleaners have different setting. And different kinds of the carpets or floors need some particular setting for them to be cleaned. That is why choosing right setting is one of the top tips of vacuuming cleaning.

    Don't make vacuum cleaner harder:

    You would be surprised to know that most people make it harder than it should be. They create additional messes that make the process of vacuuming more difficult. So the first and foremost tip to use your vacuum cleaner is not to make it harder. Take care to make arrangement of putting off your shoes outside so that the leaves, dust or mud may not make it harder.

    Vacuum multiple times from different directions:

    Vacuuming once is not enough to make your floor completely clean, so vacuum multiple times from different directions to pull up the dust, hair and other particles. It will go deeper to pull up the dirt and debris more effectively. Pet hair on the carpets can be more difficult to be pulled up in one or two times that is why it is better to vacuum more times.


    Change the bag or empty the canister:

    You need to change the bag or empty the canister on regular basis. Truly when the canister or bag is full, you are going to vacuum harder, and it is less effective in pulling up the dust and debris. There are two types of vacuum cleaner- one bagged vacuum cleaner and the second bag less cleaner. If you have the vacuum cleaner with bag, you have to change it regularly, on the contrary if you have vacuum cleaner without bag, you have to keep an eye on the container and if you think it is full enough, you have to empty it.

    Spot Treat:

    If you or someone else spill something on your carpet, it is better to treat it immediately to minimize the likelihood of a long-term stain. If you, while vacuuming, notice stains on the carpet, it is a good idea to treat them with a spot cleaner before you finish vacuuming. It will enhance the result of your vacuuming efforts.


    On-demand Platforms, Mobile Technology and Domestic Work

    Advancement in technology has left people with great facilities and convenience which they use for different works. Advanced features and high functionality in their Smartphones have made users capable to perform various tasks in their personal and professional life. Whether it is about booking a hotel room, finding jobs or reserving a restaurant table, people use Smartphones to make these things easy and comfortable. Web and mobile technology has created a new way of doing business, jobs and communicating with others. People can now use their tablets and iPads, iOS and Android phones to book what they want.

    The technology has also made apparent impacts on women's working lives. The article will help you explore the topic of benefits and risks of mobile technology on domestic works. On the internet, on-demand platforms have brought an amalgam of conveniences and facilities for both service providers and service purchasers. Researches show that 80% of 67 million domestic workers are women. In the developing countries, the on-demand economy in term of domestic work is rapidly growing. It is considered that benefits and risks of on-demand platforms for domestic work may make various kinds of effects on women's life globally.


    On demand platforms generally offer various benefits to domestic workers. The following is the list representing some of the benefits offered by on-demand platforms.

  • Choice of work type
  • Choice over working times
  • Tracking of hours worked
  • Estimation of wages earned
  • Potentially better remuneration
  • Comparison with other forms of domestic works

  • Although there are some benefits of on-demand platforms identified for the domestic workers, yet overall the on-demand market generally intimidates domestic workers' access to decent work. The review on the on-demand platforms for domestic workers identifies low and insecure incomes and discrimination. It defines further entrenchment of unequal power relations within the traditional domestic work field. It also identifies the erosion of traditional labor and social protections as key challenges.

    On-demand companies have tailored their system targeting developing countries. These companies notably take steps to engage domestic workers by overcoming financial and digital divides.

    The on-demand system is organized and run through online platforms and mobile applications which frequently set the terms of service, service fees, minimum service quality and standards. The efficient applications have great role in workforce selection and management. On-demand platforms link service purchasers, who want to hire domestic workers, to a pool of available domestic workers via its platform. On-demand financial system relies on Internet connectivity to organize service purchasing and payments.

    Services of on-demand financial system have helped the growth of many developing countries especially in some parts of Africa. It make decreased the number of mobile phone users and it has equally increased the internet users in the global scale. It has decreases the gender inequalities in using technologies to shape women's ability to access work. The payments for on-demand services are normally made and received via formal bank accounts. That is why it has increased the rate of owning financial accounts as well.


    HTC 10 - The Most Preferred Device of 2016 in Ghana

    Mobile phone, especially Smartphone has become the most popular device in the global scale, and users from across the world are fond of these devices because of their capabilities, features and functionalities which the devices come up with. No doubt mobile phones have greatly impacted our daily life, way of business, mode of education and overall economy, and so the number of users is continually increasing in almost every country. The influx of Smartphones into the Ghanaian market has also made Ghanaian able to utilize the mobile technology in various works. In the market of Ghana, many Smartphone manufacturing brands have curved their own niche but HTC is one which leads the market in many terms. During the last year-2016, people have largely appreciated HTC 10



    Google Trends 2016 – Top search devices in Ghana are listed below as per their priority which reveals the top most rank of HTC 10 in Google search.

    1. HTC 10
    2. HTC One
    3. Season Z2
    4. Iphone 7 Plus
    5. Infinix Note 2
    6. Iphone 7
    7. Infinix Note 3
    8. Galaxy S7 Edge
    9. Infinix Hot S
    10. Tecno W4

    The Google's records show that HTC 10 was the most searched for device in Ghana, and it was followed by HTC one as per the Google search. One can expect that a featured laptop may be the top search device, but truly it is not so. The mobile phone users dominate laptops or desktop users in Ghana. Due to the features and functionality, HTC mobile phones are the preferred choice for Ghanaians.

    Features of HTC 10

    Launched in May-2016, HTC 10 became the preferred choice of users in Ghana. Yes, there are some special facts gathered because of which the HTC 10 was the most search for device in Ghana such as improved sound quality and great camera against all the competition. The features which made users, fond of the device are explained as follows:

    Body Dimensions:145.9 x 71.9 x 9 mm (5.74 x 2.83 x 0.35 in) Weight: 161 g (5.68 oz) SIM: Nano-SIM

  • Display Type: Super LCD5 capacitive touch screen, 16M colors
  • Size: 5.2 inches (~71.1% screen-to-body ratio)
  • Resolution: 1440 x 2560 pixels (~565 ppi pixel density)
  • Multitouch: Yes
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 - HTC Sense UI
  • Operating System: Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow), upgradable to 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Memory: Card slot micro SD, up to 256 GB (dedicated slot)
  • Internal: 32/64 GB, 4 GB RAM
  • Primary Camera: 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm, OIS, laser autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash, check quality
  • Secondary Camera:5 MP, f/1.8, 23mm, OIS, autofocus, 1.34 µm pixel size, 1080p, HDR
  • Loudspeaker: Dual speakers
  • GPS: Yes, with A-GPS, GLONASS/ BDS (region dependent)
  • Sensors: Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
  • Battery life: Endurance rating 66h

  • HTC 10 is quite an expensive android phone, but the features and capabilities of the device worth its cost. Comparing to other flagship rivals from competitors, the HTC 10 device was affordable for users in 2016 so most Ghanaians have been searching for it since it was launched.


    Ghana want to Use Electronic Devices not Rummage Through Cancer Causing Material

    The craze of using different electronic devices is growing in almost every country of the world. Some countries are developed and have plenty of uses of electronic devices like Smartphone and Laptops. Looking at the growing demand of theses electronic devices in the global market, Electronic device manufacturers continually effort to supply sufficient new products to the people in developing countries too. But one most important thing that makes a point of discussion and, of course, of worry in developing countries is the increasing e-waste. From the Global North, the old devices are being supplied to the places like Ghana, and the country is overwhelmed by these used devices. The old devices in the running condition are sought in plenty but these devices cause a problem of e-dumping management. But now the growing problem of e-dumping has made the situation clear that these are not the right fit devices that can be imported from other countries.


    College or university students want to use these quality devices like laptop or Smartphones in their studies. Not only this but also in other jobs and professions, the uses of the electronic devices is rapidly increasing and people feel convenient to use them for fulfilling their needs of the technical things. The interest of people for electronic products in Ghana is rapidly growing, though by now Ghana comes to 49th rank in the world as per the number of devices the country has. And most of these devices have been purchased from the open market for lower prices. Used or old devices also attract the attention of people as these are affordable and conveniently easy to purchase.


    The younger generation, especially the young people, who go to the colleges or universities mostly, own their electronic devices like laptops or Smartphones. Some sources and surveys reveal that outside of Accra, the electronic devices like laptops are rarely found. People yet need more and more devices to use in keeping pace with other countries. To modernize the environment of studies in colleges, professional life and personal life style, uses of the electronic devices come first, and the people of Ghana like to have it, though some old people living in rural areas seem to have no impression of modern era.

    The bad thing of these electronic devices, especially old or used devices is that the condition of e-waste has become hazardous for the country. Now it is felt clearly that if this problem is not checked, it will take a hazardous condition in the cities and towns as the scrap and rubbish of these electronic devices is really dangerous. The cancer-causing material is really a thing that should be managed properly. The e-dumping management should be done rightly. The people of Ghana has understood the point rightly so they do not want to increase such dangerous e-waste though they like to use quality branded-new devices developed with cutting edge technology.


    E-dumping Business in Ghana

    As the technology is growing to achieve the peak of its development, the cyber crime is also growing with same speed. Security of your online business and personal data is comparatively weaker in this term; sometimes it seems that online security is only an abstract thing which is actually not in the existence. The cyber crime can really happen to anyone, and some of the persons who have their online presence might have faced such a nonsense experience happened to their business site or online presence on other channels of the Internet. What is the reason which denotes to be most dominant one in denting the online security?

    Yes, we are pulling your attention towards the e-waste. The electronic machines like Smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, audio and video player, televisions, fax machines, etc. are sold or thrown when they come to their last stage of life. The users when found their machines out of use, they mostly sell them to someone who run their E-dumping Business in Ghana. They mostly store such used products in e-waste yard where these products are sometimes brought back into the stage of their reuse by repairing or resetting, and this becomes the most important weak point of finding the stored information. Collecting personal information out of such kinds of machines becomes the main cause of the cyber crime. This can be understood as the weak point of the poor e-waste management.

    zzzzzz factors that have determined why some countries suffer more with cyber-crime. Some other countries take the biggest threat of cyber crime as the typical problem and make effort to minimize it with good e-waste management in today's technological world.

    Behind growing of cyber crime cases in the world, there is a big story which depicts the reason and serious causes of cyber crime. Yes the reason behind this is to get leaked the confidential information so the perpetrators of cyber crime are freely doing this because they have the ample material dumped to their doorsteps for doing this. Yes this is because of E-waste dumping.

    Computers, televisions, Smartphones, VCRs, stereos, copiers, laptops, and fax machines are electronic products commonly used in all over the world. A large number of these products when cross the limit of usage life are dumped in a common scrap yard, from where some of these used products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. This is enough to find confidential information from them.

    Ghana and Nigeria have also been such countries with the biggest e-waste dumping sites in the world. That is the very reason e-waste from almost every part of the world has its way into the certain country. This e-waste dumping also plays a potential role in poisoning the country's land and underground water sources. This e-waste brings a cocktail of chemicals of heavy metal such as cadmium, lead, barium, mercury and arsenic flame retardants. These chemicals and metals are dangerous for both to humans and the environment.


    Android Phones & Their Advantages

    With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have become more capable and useful for users. Android phones have given much more capabilities and easiness in performing various things with great flexibilities. Android smartphone is not mere a device for sending or receiving voice calls and texts, but also these devices have become much more than that. If you have an Android phone, you have a large technical power in your hand. While the Android phones give users a lot of capabilities, in the same way, it gives a huge storage capacity to preserve your personal and business information. As you can have almost all personal and professional information in your Android phone, keeping it safe is the key issue; you need to focus on it. By keeping it in safe hands, you have all major benefits listed below.


    User-friendly Interface:

    Android telephone manufacturers have designed quality devices which give elevated level of mobile experience. The latest android phones are designed and developed with user-friendly interface focused on comfort and easiness of its functionality and usability. It's very easy to do multiple tasks on an Android phone. All programs are easily obtainable from the actual dashboard. The best thing is that even the home page includes a search club for searching programs when you need instant access to information. From the home webpage, the internet browser can also be released easily. Almost all other Smartphone features are made easier. For instance, you can take the actual SMS function, which is truly conveniently structured into posts. You can locate fairly the place what you are searching for.

    Android phone operating system is Free:

    For Android mobile users, the good thing is that the Android Phone operating system is totally free to use. If you are going to purchase a new Smartphone, you can have some of the greatest options to Google phones. This is because many Smartphone manufacturers now utilize the Google android operating system on their devices.


    Excellent and powerful camera:

    Android Phones have a high mega pixel camera that allows users to capture appropriate pictures at important locations and occasions. With the help of it, you can also report quality video in order to capture different movements in essential events. The camera with Android Phones has numerous features and options such as zoom, picture stabilization, etc. These features allow you to create a great videos or good photos even if you are a lover of photography.


    Music buffering feature:

    This Android phone allows users to listen to the preferred music play lists using the music buffering feature. The special feature enables you to download and play music from online stores.

    Clean simple platform: Compatible with a billion applications:

    Android mobile phone device offers a clean simple platform that makes you able to tailor your habits and behavior online in a sound amalgam. The devices are compatible with more than a billion applications which you can use for your every need. Android mobiles don't only give users a way to live but also to enjoy life.

    Capability to remote your home appliances:

    If you have an android platform, you need not have any appliance remote at home. The inbuilt infrared on top of these Android Phones allows you to control either the TV or other appliance you want to be fine-tuned.

    Flexible to add additional storage

    Android phones are flexible to add more storage capabilities. They allow you to add additional storage to your device. You don't need to be stuck with the same memory whatever you already have because of the fear of losing or deleting them while adding more.


    A Buying Guide for Buying a TV

    In this modern period of life, you never want to miss any fresh news which is going on in your surrounding area, national and international level. Although there are a lot of means to get latest information but television is essential device among those. It is proper to say here that in this time, you can't find even a home without TV. If you want to achieve your future plan, TV can play a very important role in it. Now you can think over this matter, how can it be possible? But it is quite easy to understand what you want. Simple meaning of it is that you can increase your personality and knowledge after watching some news, movies and serials and the programs related to your career. You can see news readers, program anchors and many other personalities as your role model, and you can consider how they behave and how they set their wearing style in front of others.

    If you want to stay updated with your society, you should work according to your locality. And TV is the demand of today's life because human is social animal that is why it is a duty of a human that he/she should know about his/her society. Because TV is the best medium of spreading latest news so you should buy a TV for increasing your happiness and knowledge.


    Ok, it was the matter of benefit of watching TV. Now main thing is how you should buy a TV. Really it a good question because when you want to purchase anything, you buy it according to your uses. So in the matter of buying a TV, there are so many aspects behind it. Here is a buying guide for buying a TV which you should follow before and while buying your new own television.

    Before buying any new TV, you must think over some valuable factors like kinds, size, color, brand, picture quality and sound clarity of the TV set. There are different types of TVs available in the market. These are LCD, LED, OLED and plasma TV. You can buy a TV according to your capacity and budget.TV Size is a good factor which you should consider while purchasing a TV. You can take a slim size TV because you can decorate your home also if you buy such type of TV. There are so many kinds of colors available. You can choose as per your choice or as per your home decor. Television is an electronic device so before buying a television, you should think over its brand and the power it consumes.


    You can buy such televisions which consumes less electronic power so that you can cut the monthly bill of your electronic power. For getting various kinds of information about the current TV sets, you can go for online stores where you can read views and reviews of experts and users. You should remember to look into its picture and voice quality. You can get benefits if you buy TV from reputed online shopping stores. You can save your time and money while buying your smart TV from online retailers.


    Benefits of Using Tablets in the Classrooms

    In the modern scenario, technology is invading almost every sphere of life and the field of educations has also become dominant with the use of technology in different ways. In the classroom, the use of tablets or computing devices has made it better and interactive way of education. The modern pattern of education using technology is taking the place of traditional way of education. The time has come when students will forget the backpack stuffed with books and they will use the computing devices like tablets in classrooms. Using tablets in classrooms will create more effective and efficient way of learning. It will also create interest of students in learning. Using tablets in classrooms can seem to be an awkward for some of us, but it is the era of technology and it is invading the field of education with elevated pace. Let us discuss on advantages what tablets in classrooms bring for students in their learning.

    Tablets are easy to use

    Though it can be a challenge to adopt tablets in classrooms everywhere by now, but it has entered into the classroom due to its uses and benefits. Using tablets in classroom is easier than paper books, desktops and other kind of ways. It creates more effective and intuitive way of learning for students of all standards. Students in colleges and schools can use them easily. Even the toddlers can use the tablets.


    Quick Response and fast visualization:

    The tablet is a great device for cultivating scientific skills in students. For example, students can make record of their trips and tours to zoo and museum. Students can not only take pictures, but also can make use of interactive maps in tablets.


    Impactful communication

    Students, teachers and parents are three dimensions that are involved in the entire process of education, and through the tablets, these three dimensions are connected well to make the process more dominant. The way of communication via tablets becomes right and efficient.


    Better preserved data

    Data or study material in tablets is much more preserved than that of handwritten notes and tasks. Handwritten notes can be lost any time accidently but it does not happen with the data preserved in tablets.

    Live knowledge base

    The teacher can deliver engaging study material to students in real time instantly. Apart from that, students can easily use recommended material resources to complete their homework. The devices give students fast and real access to their research and an enormous knowledge base that is available at their fingertips.


    Personal approach

    As a teacher, you have to address different learning styles because all students are not equal. Some students are slow runners, some others can be sprinters. They can be different in pace and interests as well. The teacher can use the devices to deliver the same study material in different ways.


    More cost-effective than textbooks

    In comparison of text books which we use in traditional way of learning in schools, tablets in classrooms are more cost effective. A single device has full scalability and light weight. It fits thousands of textbooks. It allows students to be free from heavy weighted bag on their shoulder.


    Improve knowledge about computer:

    Using tablets in the classroom for their academic education increases computer skills naturally. When students use tablets from very early age, they become much familiar to different features, functions, and hardware, etc.


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