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Benefits of Using Tablets in the Classrooms

In the modern scenario, technology is invading almost every sphere of life and the field of educations has also become dominant with the use of technology in different ways. In the classroom, the use of tablets or computing devices has made it better and interactive way of education. The modern pattern of education using technology is taking the place of traditional way of education. The time has come when students will forget the backpack stuffed with books and they will use the computing devices like tablets in classrooms. Using tablets in classrooms will create more effective and efficient way of learning. It will also create interest of students in learning. Using tablets in classrooms can seem to be an awkward for some of us, but it is the era of technology and it is invading the field of education with elevated pace. Let us discuss on advantages what tablets in classrooms bring for students in their learning.

Tablets are easy to use

Though it can be a challenge to adopt tablets in classrooms everywhere by now, but it has entered into the classroom due to its uses and benefits. Using tablets in classroom is easier than paper books, desktops and other kind of ways. It creates more effective and intuitive way of learning for students of all standards. Students in colleges and schools can use them easily. Even the toddlers can use the tablets.


Quick Response and fast visualization:

The tablet is a great device for cultivating scientific skills in students. For example, students can make record of their trips and tours to zoo and museum. Students can not only take pictures, but also can make use of interactive maps in tablets.


Impactful communication

Students, teachers and parents are three dimensions that are involved in the entire process of education, and through the tablets, these three dimensions are connected well to make the process more dominant. The way of communication via tablets becomes right and efficient.


Better preserved data

Data or study material in tablets is much more preserved than that of handwritten notes and tasks. Handwritten notes can be lost any time accidently but it does not happen with the data preserved in tablets.

Live knowledge base

The teacher can deliver engaging study material to students in real time instantly. Apart from that, students can easily use recommended material resources to complete their homework. The devices give students fast and real access to their research and an enormous knowledge base that is available at their fingertips.


Personal approach

As a teacher, you have to address different learning styles because all students are not equal. Some students are slow runners, some others can be sprinters. They can be different in pace and interests as well. The teacher can use the devices to deliver the same study material in different ways.


More cost-effective than textbooks

In comparison of text books which we use in traditional way of learning in schools, tablets in classrooms are more cost effective. A single device has full scalability and light weight. It fits thousands of textbooks. It allows students to be free from heavy weighted bag on their shoulder.


Improve knowledge about computer:

Using tablets in the classroom for their academic education increases computer skills naturally. When students use tablets from very early age, they become much familiar to different features, functions, and hardware, etc.


Remember Nokia 3310? It is back!

Nokia has been a name that is known to almost every mobile user worldwide. The brand is known for its quality and commitment. Every generation of Nokia mobile phone which came out in the market, made its own identity for its beautiful design, high quality, durability and innovative features. Most popular game of snake can remind you about the old Nokia mobile phones that came into the market when most other brands were not in the existence. The simplicity and durability of the handsets made the brand market leader and left a great impression on the mind of mobile users. In the middle, Nokia mobile phones went in the sluggish form but not because of its quality and features which have made the brand highly reliable for mobile users.

Good news for the Nokia mobile phone users is that Nokia 3310 is now back. It will be launched in second quarter of 2017 and you can experience its features games with some other additional features. Hopefully, you have seen that picture of Nokia 3310 on the internet especially on the social media sites. The picture of this phone went viral on the social media sites. Most of the people could assume that it would be a super Smartphone, but it is not so. It is just a few steps above what it really was years ago. However users would be happy to find their previous mobile phone in new form and features but of course with their popular snake game and simplicity.


When it comes to its prices, it has retail price of €49 approximately at global scale but it is not fixed for all the countries as the cost of the handset may something differ in different countries as per the local taxes, transportation and currency exchanges rates imposed on it. The prices of the Nokia Phones are strictly reasonable as per the quality of the sets. That is why users from across the globe trust on it and consider even now a market leader in the telecom industry.

The Nokia 3310 has come up with the following features:

Mobile users can have a keen desire to know what features and capabilities new model of Nokia 3310 has. What types of changes have been made with it? So here are some features and capabilities with which Nokia 3310 handset has come up.

Display: Nokia 3310 comes up with 2.40-inch display with a resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels,
Storage Capacity: It has 16MB of internal storage but it can be expanded up to 32GB by using a micro SD card.
Series: The set runs Series 30
Camera: Nokia 3310 handset has 2MP rear camera.
Battery: It has 1200mAh removable battery.
Dimension: The set comes up with 115.60 x 51.00 x 12.80 cm in dimensions.
SIM Usability: Nokia 3310 is a dual GSM SIM mobile and it accepts Micro-SIM.
Color: The Nokia 3310 handset comes in different colors including yellow (glossy), grey (matte), warm red (glossy) and dark blue (matte).
Networks Support: Nokia 3310 mobile supports only 2G networks.


E-Waste Management in Ghana

Every year millions of electronic and electrical products are manufactured. Different new generations of devices like desktops, laptops, Smartphones, tablets and many other devices come in the use every year. The uses of these devices across the world have been increasing day by day. Apart from these electronic devices, some other kinds of electronic machines including home appliances like television, washing machines, refrigerators etc are such kinds of products that are manufactured and sold out to the worldwide customers. Assume not only in Ghana but also in different other countries, the same process is going on so in the domain of technology. Now it is notable that what occurs after end-of-life of the electronic devices and machines. You can assume that tons of e-waste material is generated because of these mobiles, computing devices and household products. It is reasonable to think that all the countries have similar e-waste of these devices. In fact the quantity of e-waste is generated in million tons every year.

Records show that the United State of America, China and Japan, etc. are the top most countries which have the larger amount of e-waste. In Ghana also the amount of the E-waste is huge enough to create worry for human beings. That is why E-waste management is one of the top things that should be considered hard. When it comes to E-waste management, it becomes the burning problem and it becomes the responsibility of the government and electronic product companies to settle it down. First of all the manufacturing companies should focus on manufacturing electronic machines that are durable and long life so that the devices can be in use for several years and the quantity of waste can be controlled.


The e-waste management is not a big problem for developed countries but the problem arises for the developing countries. For developing countries, the e-waste also becomes worse because of the import of old devices and e-waste from the developed countries. Most of the developed countries export about 80% e-waste to developing countries. In the developing countries like Ghana, E-waste problem leads to the serious situation to human life and health. Poor policies and enforcement of the safe disposal of imported e-waste, limited safeguards, legislation and electronic goods have generated environmental problems in these countries.

Health and environment concern arises not only from the huge amount of e-waste imported from developed countries by the developing countries, but also with a huge range of toxic chemicals and other materials associated with this e-waste. Some developing countries have recently made amendment in their laws in terms of the management of e-waste imports and disposal of this e-waste.

This problems associated with e-waste have created big challenges for authorities in developing countries, but steps were taken to minimize the e-waste problem with the introduction of E-waste management tools, techniques and laws at the national and international levels. Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) are effective tools used to manage e-waste problems.


Show Your Love & Care to Your Loved Ones - Bring Home A Smart Kitchen Appliance

Wasting a long time and making huge effort in the kitchen to cook food traditionally is now a really hectic work for most of you. When in this busy world, every minute is valuable, you would not like to pass a long time in the kitchen and surely you would also not like to make your loved ones indulge in the kitchen works. You would instead adopt appreciated kitchen appliances to perform different tasks of your kitchen. Microwave ovens, smart refrigerators, quality juicer mixer grinder and many other electronic devices are such efficient appliances that can help you smartly in your kitchen. Many kinds of devices have already been a part of your kitchen, but the cutting-edge technology has now made kitchen appliances smart and more capable. The features are added to give these appliances much more extra capabilities and convenience.

Some special kinds of devices like the food replicators that produce piping hot absolutely cooked food in seconds are available for your kitchen. Thinking and talking kitchen appliances of such modern kitchen appliances may seem like science fiction but it is true that the idea behind these smart kitchen appliances has given such capabilities like you can hardly imagine of.

Popular home appliance manufacturers Samsung and Whirlpool have started now teaming up with the giants of technology like Sun Microsystems, Cisco and Microsoft. These manufacturers have strived to bring futuristic kitchen appliances blending with the latest technology into today's homes. The smart kitchen appliances have some special features like generating recipe ideas, keeping notes, heating food at sharp speed and calculating cooking times. You would feel amazingly that some of these kitchen appliances have been manufactured with added features of playing movies or videos. Yes, you can even play movies with them while you wait for cooking food.


Tigmoo has brought some special kinds of home appliances that can make your kitchen smart as these kitchen appliances have some smart features. These smart kitchen appliances not only give you the opportunity to cook your food in minutes but also give you the right kinds of features of recreation which you can enjoy while cooking your food in the kitchen. These kitchen appliances integrate high-tech gadgetry and they can make your time pass in the kitchen with convenience and fun.

For example, you can take Samsung barcode-reading microwave produced in partnership with a grocery chain. It can estimate and set suitable cooking time automatically while the frozen items are scanned well. You can have a wireless-enabled refrigerator that has innovative features like a removable LCD. This can be used to post notes, manage a family calendar, leave voice messages and even play TV programs or movies on DVDs.

If you buy such amazingly efficient kitchen appliances, you will be able to show your love to your loved ones. Yes, you can make them realize how much care you do for them.


Why Refrigerators With Water Dispenser Are The Best Choice?

There are lots of home and kitchen appliances which you can use at your home to make your daily life more convenient. Refrigerator is one of the most used kitchen appliances. Because of its uses; the machine is used in most of the homes in every corner of the world. People in the summer season take advantages of the quality machine to have cool water and to make their food stuffs safe and preserved. In the world of technology, appliances like refrigerators have been made richer with the innovative features. Today in the market, refrigerators are available in different sizes and with different capacities. Today refrigerators with water dispenser have become the first choice for people. Most of the people who have recently purchased the refrigerator or want to purchase it in nearest future like to choose one that are loaded with water dispenser.


Water dispenser is one of the top features that have grown with refrigerators in popularity over the years. Refrigerator water dispenser is the unit that you find on the outside of the refrigerators' door. It comes with a suitable nozzle that dispenses cold water. The water container that holds this water is conveniently located inside the door. It can be easily accessed when you need to refill it.

The innovative feature of water dispenser in your refrigerator can actually decrease your electricity bill over time. Because it has the nozzle on the outside of the refrigerator's door, so you don't require opening your refrigerator's door to get cold water from a pitcher again and again. You can pour cool water through the water dispenser without opening your refrigerators door. This feature saves electric energy on your unit that needs to cool internally after you open the door and close again and again. This facility of the modern refrigerator is especially very beneficial for those people who have large families and consume a large amount of water during their day.


The refrigerators with water dispenser usually come with different sized water containers. The big sized refrigerators have big container in them. These containers are set in this way that this allows the inside water to pour out through the spout into your cup. The larger refrigerators that contain bigger container are helpful when users want to fill up a large bottle with the water to take with you anywhere. Using the cool water that comes directly from the container of your refrigerator also saves your money which you have to spend on purchasing bottled water from the store.

In the market, most of the new featured refrigerators come up with water filters for the water system so you have the convenience of getting water cool, and apart from that, you also have the advantage of getting your water clean at home. The filters installed in water dispenser of refrigerators are also easy to replace and you can replace them very easily. These filters can be found at most online stores that sell these types of electronic appliances like refrigerators.


How to use a Vacuum Cleaner Effectively for Better Results

Cleanliness is what has a deep connection with the healthy and pleasant life. If the environment is clean, you can live a healthy life. On the contrary, dirty environment full of dust, fungus, garbage, harmful bacteria and viruses make the environment unhealthy, and people have to face a lot of these unhealthy conditions. Considering the requirement of healthy environment, manufacturers have given a very high and quality machines using cutting edge technology. If you are looking for the quality machines or you already have quality Vacuum Cleaner at home or in the office, you need to know the tips how to use vacuum cleaner efficiently. While using your vacuum cleaner, keep the following tips in mind, you will be able to keep your home free of germs, microscopic mites and dusts.

samsung_15l_vacuum_cleaner_vcw7535s31__2_1 Don't Make It Harder

For making your floor clean, you should take your vacuum cleaner in an easy way, don't make it harder than it should be. With the larger garbage like leaves, and straws, you would make your machine more difficult. For instance,if you and your family members are free to come inside with the shoes, you can bring larger particles and straws inside and these can be a difficult work for cleaning your floor with vacuum cleaner.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner More than once

To make your floor cleaner and fresher, you need to use the vacuum cleaner more than once as one time vacuum cleaner is not enough. In the same place you should bring it twice and thrice, so that it can pull every dust particle and give you amazing experience of cleanliness.

vcc4570s3k-1 Create a Schedule

While vacuuming your home, you need to make sure that how many times a week vacuuming is necessary. Most of the houses where family members are limited and they take great care of the cleanliness, you can use vacuum cleaner machine twice a week. But if your place is reached by more traffic daily, you can make a daily schedule of cleaning the floor for better cleanliness.

Empty the bag regularly

When the bag or canister is full, you are going to make hard vacuuming, so it is right way to change or empty your bag regularly. Doing so will give you an easier and convenient experience of vacuuming floor at every time. Keep your eyes whether the bag of vacuum machine is empty or full. If it is heavy, make it empty.

Choose the right setting

When you are going to clean your floor with the vacuum cleaner, make sure that you have chosen a right setting on your device. Different devices can have a different setting that is why you need to go for the right one that can suit your work rightly.


Huawei P9 vs Huawei Mate 8

In the market there is flood of many mobile phone manufacturers that offer different Smartphone and other devices with new and great features. That is why buyers today have a lot of Smartphone options. Like Samsung, and Apple, Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company, also comes up with a lot of products to participate in the Smartphone market. The company has been manufacturing mobile phone since 1997. With numerous users across the world, Huawei is one of the largest telecom infrastructure companies in the world. The company has been making android phone and tablets using latest technology and has been successful to provide innovative features and quality products for users. In the series of Smartphones, the company has launched different products. Here in this article, you will read a comparison notes on Huawei P9 vs Huawei Mate 8.

Launch and design:

Both Huawei P9 and Huawei Mate 8 are Smartphones launched by Chinese Company Huawei. Huawei P9 Smart phone and Huawei Mate 8 were launched within two years and so users are taking high experience with them. Both the Smartphones have Android (7.0, 6.0), Emotion UI. Huawei P9 has dimension 5.71 x 2.79 x 0.27 inches (145 x 70.9 x 6.95 mm) while huawei Mate 8 has 6.19 x 3.17 x 0.31 inches (157.1 x 80.6 x 7.9 mm). Huawei P9 Has 5.08 oz (144 g) weight while Huawei Mate 8 has 6.53 oz (185 g). Both the Smartphones have touch feature.


As far as the body is concerned, P9 has Aluminium Body while Huawei Mate 8 has been built with metal body. If you are keen to know the colors of both, then you would be satisfied thinking that Huawei P9 is available in Gold, Gray, Silver, Pink while Huawei Mate 8 is available in Black, Gold, Silver, Brown colors.



Huawei P9 comes up with in 5.2inches big display with a resolution of 1080 by 1920pixels while Huawei Mate-8 has come up with 6.0 inches bigger display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. Both the Smartphones come up with same technology-IPS LCD and both are manufactured with Light sensor, Proximity sensor


Storage capacity:

Huawei P9 is powered by 1.5 Octa core processor and 3 GB of Ram. The phone keeps 32 GB internal storage that can be extended up to 256 GB via a micro SD card. Huawei Mate 8 has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB built-in storage capacity.


As far as cameras are concerned, the Huawei P9 packs with 12 MP rear camera and 8 mega pixels front shooter for selfies with high resolution. While Huawei Mate 8 comes up with 16 Megapixels rear and 8 mega pixels front camera. Both the Smartphones have Dual LED flash feature.


Battery Backup:

Huawei runs on android 6.0, is powered by 3000 MAH non removable battery. it measures 145x 70.90 weigh 144 grams while Huawei Mate 8 is powered by 4000mAH battery.


Infinix Vs Tecno Mobiles

This is an era of competition, and in the Smartphone industry, competition has existed among some best quality-made Smartphones manufactured by some most popular brands like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft etc. Although, all the companies are doing their best, yet users have different brand choices.

tecno_Camon vs infinix_hot_2

When comparing brands, the following things of products, are compared.

  • Brand Popularity
  • Design and Aesthetics
  • Quality of Products under the brands
  • Class association with the brand
  • So let us dig into these.

    Brand popularity:

    In the last 30 days over 120,000 different devices (Windows PC, Macbooks, Tablets, Android Smartphones, iPhones, etc) have been accessed on some online stores. Of those devices, 32% have been Samsung, 11% Apple, 6.6% Microsoft, 6.4% Tecno and 5.6% Infinix among other Smartphones. And there was a survey on twitter. The participants who respond to Tecno phone were 31%, whereas, only 28% of participants preferred Infinix phones.

    Design and Aesthetics:

    It was the time, when, Apple launched its very perfect device named iPhone 7, and users bought it in plenty. Users came to across the next level of Smartphone. Apart from that, when users look for some other devices on the online shops, they can see a very slim, black and stood among the rest names Infinix. You can totally be surprised to see that the body of Infinix is made of plastic, but looked as mettle. Surely, you would like to touch that but couldn't because of its presence in digital form on your computer screen. It looks nice but affordable where the price of iPhone is more than that of Infinix. It is light; the screen is smooth and felt strong. Recently, you can discover the reason that it is compared on the screen resolution, storage capacity and camera. But these things are still useful.


    In the same time, Tecno smart phone has taken a very aggressive form in the market. As far as there is a question of its design and aesthetics, these are nice enough. Tecno has a name that does not sound like a cool brand especially when compared to most popular brands like Samsung, LG, HTC and even Infinix.


    But the people who take care of design and aesthetics, they will find that Infinix is the best. Or only the persons who own a Tecno phone can tell us the truth.

    Quality of Product:

    When we talk about the quality of product, it comes to battery life, screen resolution and using multiple apps in a single time. You can get an opportunity to check the power of battery when you decide to play games whole the day without connecting the devices to the power. You will find that battery of Infinix mobile lasts longer than that of tecno mobile. As per the comparison between both the branded products, you will find that Infinix is four steps next to tecno phones.


    Samsung Galaxy Tab A Vs. Tab A6

    A few years ago, Tablets came with lower performance when the HD display was in the mid-range segment, but the days are gone now. Samsung Galaxy Tablets now come up with powerful processor and full HD display.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 10.1 design has still been inherited from the previous Galaxy Tab A series. Samsung Galaxy A6 comes with the same uni-body style and back panel which are made of rough plastic. The body of device helps users in better grip and sweat as well as fingerprints repellent. Users can reap the next advantage of multitasking facilities with it. The presence of latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS gives facilities of fast multi-tasking experience. You can enjoy all new interesting features that you can imagine of about the bigger 10.1-inch screen of your tablet.


    Optimal Viewing Experience and Modern Feel

    Galaxy Tab A series comes up with the stunning, sophisticated and eye-catching look. All Samsung tablets fulfill the desire of users to having sleek and sophisticated devices in hand. Galaxy Tab A is only 7.5 mm thick and just 320 g. The Galaxy Tab A provides users with unbeatable portability ensuring a firm, secure grip. You can enjoy web browsing and reading experience with the Galaxy Tab A. 4:3 aspect ratio screen of galaxy Tab A is ideal for reading books, magazines and newspapers on it. You can enjoy net surfing as well.


    Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 10.1 features a 10.1-inch IPS display along with WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels) resolution. It can better convey a pixel density of 224ppi and it keeps 16:10 aspect ratio as its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 comes up to take users' browsing and reading experience to the next level.

    Cameras and Photos

    The Galaxy Tab A comes up with 5MP rear camera that provides you with great photography options. It has auto focus feature that makes it easier for users to take clear pictures and videos. You can use this function to scan barcodes and QR codes with no trouble. It provides you with exciting interaction opportunities too.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 10.1 has an 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera that has f/1.9 aperture and LED flash. This rear camera of the device can record 1080p video at 30fps. The device has a 2-megapixel wide angle front-facing camera that comes with f/2.2 aperture to capture eye-catching selfies and make you able to make quality video call.

    Powerful Performance

    Galaxy Tab A is equipped with a 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor along with the 2 GB RAM and Lollipop. The device has latest Android OS, so it gives powerful performance. Users can enjoy faultless access to a variety of multimedia contents such as music, movies and the Internet. All this can be done at lightning-fast speeds.

    Galaxy Tab 6A is powered by an octa-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.6GHz (Cortex A53). It is paired with Mali T830 MP2 GPU. The device comes up with 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal memory. The memory of the device can be expanded up to 200GB by using microSD card.


    Make Your Home As Smart As You Are

    As a smart housewife, you would want to make your home like a heaven where the things are done smartly in an amazingly easy way. But do you know how you can make your home according to your dreams? Yes, using modern home appliances will give you well-organized power to accomplish your numerous works at home in amazingly comfortable way. A lot of daily works that make you busy whole day can be done within hours, and you can have a lot of free time left with you. You will be able to have this all updated with the uses of the current age machines designed especially for giving you the comfort and easiness in your kitchen works.


    If you are looking for extra limbs for managing your works in a right way, here are some ones in the form of quality machines like washing machine, microwave oven, juicer mixer, etc. These machines will help you work smartly. These are the things that will make it easy for you and your family. Whether it is your drawing room or bedroom, you would like to create a cool environment even in the summer season. Air conditioners and refrigerators will give you the right condition that can fit your desires. If you are looking for good option of air conditioner, you can have one from online stores. The products manufactured by Samsung and NASCO are available at Tigmoo, the online store which brings a range of quality products. There is a list of only a very few of the products which you can buy from the online store.

  • Samsung Floor Standing AC Jet Engine [AF28FVSD-WHITE]
  • Samsung Side by side Fridge [RH57H8231]
  • Samsung Floor Standing Air Conditioner 48000Btu [AF50Q]
  • Samsung Cassatte Air Conditioner [RC036-NC036]
  • Samsung Floor Standing Air Conditioner 30000Btu [AF30Q]
  • Nasco 6.0HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner (MFE-60CR) - 60,000BTU
  • Samsung Cassatte Air Conditioner [RC024-NC024]
  • Samsung Cassatte Air Conditioner [RC018-NC018]
  • Samsung 18kg Washer & Dryer (WD18H7300)
  • Samsung WD12F9C9U4W Washer Dryer White
  • Samsung Side by Side Fridge [RSA1D]
  • Nasco 5.0HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner (MFS2-48CR)
  • Samsung 12kg Front Load Washing Machine (WW12H8420EX/NQ)
  • Samsung Washing Machine Front Load-Full Auto Washer ECO Bubble Technology [WF1124]
  • NASCO 2.5 HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner (MFS2-24CR)

  • When it comes to make your kitchen smart like you, you can buy microwave oven, juicer mixer grinder, refrigerator and many other things that can save you time and efforts in doing almost all works in your kitchen. By using the technology, you can make your kitchen smart and you can serve your family member a delicious food after putting a simple effort. So just visit the site and book your required products.


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