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Nasco TV Review

With Nasco LED TV, the mode of entertainment is leveraged by the innovative features and latest technology that provides viewers with elevated level of watching experience. Slim LED 32" Nasco TV has been designed to give you amazingly beautiful screen reflecting the reality of pictures. By installing it at bedroom, viewers can enjoy watching movies or pictures of HD quality in a complete different dimension in entertaining environment. It is great to watch pictures with ultimate clarity due to its simple yet very sleek and slim front panel design that is integrated with its LED backlit screen. Now viewers can watch movies without giving strain and stress to their precious eyes. Every time when they sit behind a Nasco LED TV to watch programs, movies, news, and pictures, they feel stress-free watching experience. Nasco TVs have been designed and developed with the best TV aspect ratio, adjustable brightness and contrast features to harmonize quality of picture while watching movies.

nasco-9297-696742-1-zoom_1_1 Nasco LED TV features

Integrated modeling:

Nasco TV comes up with ultra-narrow border appearance that brings viewers a broader vision. Unlike the traditional look of the thick edge, Nasco TV has Integrated Modeling that looks thin, simple, light and elegant in appearance. Its stunning look gives your home a fashionable decoration even when the TV is turned off.

Better sound track:

Nasco TVs are designed with harbored cavity speakers. It is single cavity design that gives you a more immersive experience. With clear sound of quality speakers, you enjoy listening to the audios in a better way.

Intelligent energy saving system:

Considering the importance of energy and TV safety, Nasco TV adopts aerospace special used energy-saving screen, PMS energy-saving power supply and energy-efficient OPC chips. With these innovative techniques, it is likely to save up to 52% energy. This system also effectively extends the life of TV set.

New generation energy-saving technologies:

Nasco TV has been enriched with new generation of energy-saving chip along with the better BGA package in heat radiation. Smart signal processing system can elegantly use different signal processing algorithms. It autonomously adjusts the brightness of backlight depending on the outer environment.

Latest color wheel technology: Nasco TV becomes the first preference because of its new generation color wheel technology that adopts 12 bit color processing technology. Its new technology increases to 68.6 billon colors, which help to restore true colors of nature in most appropriate way. The TV has automatic adjustment of colors including red, green, blue, green, blue, colors of kanka. Thus this TV gives softer and healthier watching experience to your eyes.


Avail Rewards and Loyalty Programs at Tigmoo in Ghana

If you go for online store to buy electronic products like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, washing machines, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. and cosmetic products or fashion jewellery, then there is good news for you. You will be surprised to know that online shopping has never been as exciting as it is on Actually tigmoo, the most reliable online store is offering wonderful opportunities to buy quality products at best prices along with the opportunity to earn extra bucks in the form of Reward Points.

According to this reward program, customers earn Rewards Points (RP) every time whenever they purchase something from the online store. It would be great to have such deal where you are getting your quality product at competitive price as well as rewards to buy your next product. It would certainly give you an exciting bounce when you will know that tigmoo is offering rewards for users for purchasing products, getting registered on the site, writing a review, signing up for newsletters, participating in contests and even for liking and sharing products.


Please read the below detail that will let you know how you will be able to earn Reward Points.

Types of Earning/Options Value in USD/GHS Redemption method
Earn on Purchase $ .5(GHS 1.95)= 1 rp 100 rp = $ 1(GHS 3.9)
Earn on registration Straight 50 rp 100 rp = $ 1(GHS 3.9)
Earn on "write a review" Straight 25 rp 100 rp = $ 1(GHS 3.9)
Earn on" sign up for newsletter" Straight 25 rp 100 rp = $ 1(GHS 3.9)
Earn on participation in contest Straight 25 rp 100 rp = $ 1(GHS 3.9)
Earn on share or like a product Straight 5 rp 100 rp = $ 1(GHS 3.9)

How to use the Reward Points:

Hope you are happy with the reward scheme offered by Tigmoo for its customers. Now you would be excited to know how you can use these Reward Points to make your next purchase exciting. Obviously, you can use these reward points that will be counted as the money you pay for next purchase. There are following terms and conditions under which you can avail the Reward Points you earn.

- Redemption of points is allowed on a minimum purchase/cart value of $ 50(GHS 195)
- Redemption of points is not allowed for accessories category
- Transfer for reward points is not allowed
- Expiry of reward points is at the end of calendar year
- Some premium products can have extra RPs
- Minimum one-time redemption is by 100 rp.

Reward Points Expiration:

If you don't visit the site for two years, your Reward Points will expire. The system then will automatically send a reminder email containing the information about your Reward Points and expiration time so that you can come back and purchase before your points expire.

Please note that the terms & conditions regarding to the rewards and loyalty programs can be changed without any prior notice. All rights are exclusively reserved with


Best Smartphone Deals at Tigmoo - Buy One Get One FREE

With a range of electronic devices like Smartphone and tablets, Tigmoo offers lucrative deals which you can avail. If you are looking for buying Smartphone, it is golden opportunity to buy your favorite device at exciting prices. Tigmoo brings very exciting scheme, "Buy One Get One Free" under which you have to pay for only one Smartphone and can get two devices. As per the Smartphone models, different other mobile phones or accessories are being provided. Among the large number of Smartphones under the scheme, top brands like Samsung and Huawei products have been listed. The following list can help you know which combo pack is best for you. After analyzing the following offers under the thrilling scheme, you can best judge your requirement.

- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB (Black) With Free Samsung Tab A 7.0
- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB (Black) With Free Powerbank Ayovi 5200Mah And Selfie Stick
- Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB With Free Samsung Ace 3
- Huawei Mate 7 32 GB (Black) With Free Huawei Y6
- Huawei P8 64GB (Black) With Free Huawei Y6
- Huawei P8 16 GB (Gold) With Free Huawei Y6
- Samsung Galaxy J7 16 GB With Free Samsung 1205
- Samsung Galaxy J500 8 GB With Free Samsung 1205
- Samsung Galaxy J3 8 GB With Free Samsung 1205
- Samsung Galaxy J200 with Free Protective Cover
- Samsung Z2 8 GB (Gold) With free Speaker
- Samsung Z2 8 GB (Black) With free Speaker


When it comes to the top online electronic products providers, Tigmoo emerges as a popular name in the internet market. After being established successfully in Zambia, now it has stretched its wings in Ghana where users are given an excellent shopping experience maintaining elevated level of loyalty and credibility. With a large number of current users from across Ghana, the online store has become the best place for online shopping of electronic devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, laptops and other electronic products like washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, juice mixer, irons and other home appliances.


Because of the competitive prices, lucrative offers and exciting deals, Tigmoo has become the center of attraction of people for online shopping of such kinds of products. If you are waiting for such kind of deal and offers, the time has come. Without giving a second moment, explore the site and book your order. You will get your favorite products at your doorstep.


Meet the Mega Winner of Launch Festival Contest Ghana

It is really great to participate in any contest that not only gives contestants opportunity to make fun, but also gives them the right opportunity to win valuable prizes. If the contest offers Samsung Galaxy S7 as the mega prize to the mega winner, this would be the boundless happiness to the winner. You remember, Tigmoo had been conducting monthly "Launch Festival Contest" in its Facebook Page. As per the norms of the contest, weekly winners were awarded with the weekly prizes. Apart from it, Mega Prize was to be given to the Mega winner. The day came and Papaga Seckloawu Bless was announced as the mega winner who was awarded with Samsung Galaxy S7. While celebrating the day, the team of Tigmoo was overjoyed to announce the name of the mega lucky winner of Launch Festival Contest. Delightfully, the team showed the thankfulness for the overwhelming response of the contestants from across the Ghana.


Every contestant who has participated in the contest and every other person who has come to know about the contest whether he or she could not participate in it were excited to know the lucky person's name. On the Facebook page of the Tigmoo, you will know about the lucky winner when you click the following link.

It is not only the single day when Tigmoo brings the fun-making activities and opportunities of winning precious prizes. Actually it is one of the best activities that Tigmoo team regularly conducts as its promotional activities. But it is really interesting to participate in such programs where people have to put a simple effort and get chances to win exciting products as a prize.


Tigmoo team has announced a lot of congratulations to Papaga Seckloawu Bless, the hero of the contest. With great delightfulness, the team has invited Papaga Seckloawu Bless to come with his ID PROOF to the office located at Osu Office, 16th Lane Nii Omaboe Street, P.O. BOX 714, Accra, Ghana. The officials announced that he can collect the prize within two working days during working hours from 9:00 to 17:00. He can contact the officials at the official number 0570 650 640 for further query.


Tigmoo, the online retailer of electronic machines or devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, Smartphone, accessories and home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, juicer mixer grinder, etc., welcomes people to know about the mega winner. It also delightfully invites people to participate the next contest for a ton of joy and valuable weekly prizes and Mega Prize.


Tigmoo Opens Its 2nd Online Store in Ghana after Zambia

After curving its clear niche as the most trustable online electronic products retailer in Zambia, Tigmoo is on the move to extend its business by launching its 2nd online store on October 1, 2016 in Ghana. Keeping on with its practice of quality and commitment in its services, Tigmoo creates an innovative way of online shopping. With the great vision to make every person from across the country (Ghana), Zambia's No-1 online store has introduced its most reliable online shopping services.

Online Shopping with credibility, loyalty and transparency

With elevated level of credibility, loyalty and transparency in services, the e-commerce website brings various products manufactured and developed by reputed brands. The products and services will satisfy every customer whoever avail them at the online store. In Ghana, a nation on West Africa's Gulf of Guinea, the online customers, who look to avail the online shopping services, will be awarded with the excellent shopping experience. Customers, whether they are looking to buy home appliances or they want the latest model of mobile device, will be served with the trustable services ensuring their enjoyable online deal.

Variety of Products:

Tigmoo mainly deals in electronic devices and machines, but covers a wide range of products like mobile phones, tablets, mobile accessories, computer/laptops and computer accessories. The best part is that users have large brand options starting from the most reputed brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple to the affordable ones. Apart from the gadgets, the online store brings a wide range of home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, television, microwaves, ovens, etc. Using the cutting-edge technology, the store brings a variety of electronic products under different categories ensuring proper navigation. Users will have complete control over their deal of any kind of their electronic device.

24 hrs delivery of mobile & accessories

Tigmoo is No.1 Online Electronic Retailer in Zambia and now opened the new store in Ghana. The electronic products online shop looks forward to provide users with ultimate shopping experience where buyers can find their desirable gadgets and other electronic devices by navigating the site. They will have their favorite product at their doorstep in a hassle-free way. The process of 24 hours delivery of mobile and mobile accessories will make free them from the restlessness of waiting for days and weeks for their product.

Loyalty Programs-Tigmoo's Launch Carnival Contest

From promotion and marketing perspectives, Tigmoo is going to conduct some loyalty programs that will make users able to have attractive benefits and to win reward points. Tigmoo's Launch Festival Contest has started from 1st Oct-2016 and run till 31st Oct-16. Mega winner will be announced on 1st Nov'16. On the day the contest will end a Mega Prize, Samsung Galaxy S7 will be awarded to the one lucky winner.


Attractive Smartphone Deals

The online store has brought a lot of attractive deals at the best prices. While buying branded products including smartphone, computers, laptops, home appliances, TVs, tablets, electronics accessories and kitchen appliances, etc., buyers can avail these great deals. They can save a certain amount of money which they have to spend on buying their electronic products from physical stores.

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