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Sensors of Wearable Devices Analyze Sweat Showing Physical Conditions

With the advancement of technology, it is easier to know about the human health conditions from time to time. Not only the temperature, but also the blood sugar, blood pressure and lot more information can be measured with some special wearable devices. Like smart watch, some other wearable bands or devices have valuable features which help you know and take care of your health. The best thing is that these wearable devices can be connected to your Smartphone. The latest feature of the wearable devices is the sweat sensor that can better analyze the sweat of your body.


Different kinds of components of sweat like sodium, potassium, glucose and lactate can be sensed and measured with the help of these sensors. Engineers are striving hard focusing on measuring these components of sweat. This attempt of these knowledgeable persons will open an additional window in the field of human health and well-being. You can take it as the surprise that a wearable electronic device can calibrate the data on the basis of your skin temperature, and it can also transmit the information to the Smartphone wirelessly in real time.

According to the new researchers, it has been proved that human sweat contains physiologically rich information, and that is why the sweat becomes an attractive fluid for wearable sensors. Analyzing the sweat makes more convenient to know about different physical conditions of the wearer, however, sweat is complex, and it is really complicated process to measure multiple components targeting to extract meaningful information about users state of health. Engineers, in this regard, have developed a fully integrated system for measuring multiple sweat analysis simultaneously and selectively.

A team of engineers has developed a prototype that strictly comprises a flexible printed circuit board which holds five sensors. This device with all sensors has been attached to a smart wristband. For the experimental process, these headbands were used by 26 volunteers who differently performed various exercises on different levels of intensity. After that, the data was collected and processed. It was finally wirelessly transmitted to a Smartphone using Bluetooth.


Only one-fifth of a sweat drop is sufficient to obtain the data of your physical insight conditions such as individual’s hydration or blood sugar level, potential for overheating and muscle fatigue. This can be a sweat test which measures the amount of chloride in the sweat, and will help in diagnosing cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease, chronic lung infections and respiratory issues.

Though the engineers consider that this test is not as accurate as the blood test, yet researchers hope that one day more efficient medical applications for the technology will be developed, and they will work with more efficiency, and it will be a combination of medical science and technology.

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