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The Law that Aims to Reduce the Blemish

Given to the increasing use of digital devices in the global society, the consequent amplification of e-waste has become a perturbing malady of present times. In most of the digitally advanced countries, the augmented electronic dumps are indeed a hazard to deal with. This is especially the case with Ghana whose outskirt of Agbogbloshie is fatedly entitled as the biggest scrap-yard for electronic garbage in the whole world. However, to fight this malady, the apex governmental body of Ghana, its Parliament came out with the law of Hazardous and Electronic Waste Control and Management in the year of 2016.


Cardinally the part 2 of this Act is effective in dealing with this growing agony of Ghana. It is targeted for the management and disposal of the WEEE or wastes electrical and electronic equipment—the main malady which tears the social texture of Ghana. Through this clause, the outsourcing, importing, vending, bargaining and buying of all sorts of perturbing electronic garbage or any malicious dumps are totally barred. Further the dropping of any kind of perilous cyber-tonics waste or any related debris in any part of the country’s lands or water.

This legal norm has indeed shown a ray of light amidst the darkened background of amplified electronic rubbish. The bestowal of Governmental taxes over dump-sites, the necessary charges for dumping and the strategic framework to address the peril has authentically smoothened the creased picture of Ghana's silicon arena. Moreover, the distinctive fund set up for Electronic and Electrical Engineering vigilance has encouraged bureaucrats to be more heedful in the proper administration of this harassing issue.

We at Tigmoo welcome this initiative of the Ghana Government and pledge to channelize our commercial actions towards the goal of 'No More E-Waste'.

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