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What Does QLED Mean and Why Does It Matter?

For a long time, Samsung has been a market leader in LED/LCD TV features, and so has been the biggest selling TV brand all over the world. Since the arrival of high dynamic range (HDR) picture technology, this pioneering spirit with the branded products has been especially evident. The brand Samsung was the first that launched an HDR-capable TV before nearly three years, after that it has set the high pace to unlocking the full brightness, color and contrast potential of the HDR format. Samsung’s latest significant step towards mastering HDR is developing QLED TV.

Samsung Curved LED


In the series of launching featured and quality TV sets, Samsung has introduced the latest technology in the format of QLED which is named as Quantum Dot TVs. A new range of the TV products is available in the market. There can be different reasons why people like this new and innovative product. One of them is that Quantum Dots offer a different way for TV screens so that it can produce color instead of usually produced inefficient and only limited combination of white LEDs and color filters.


The brand claims that their new TV-quantum dots will give superior color volume. It will provide rich and fully saturated color with bright images, in the comparison of OLED TVs. However, the company’s claims are centered on a high-dynamic range.


You will see the clarity and color improvements in TV technologies when you use Quantum dots. Most of these claims done by the company can be apparent either in the bigger or subtle appearance. The dots range between 2 and 10 nanometers in diameter, and these produce various colors depending on their sizes. For an example, the larger dots focus on red and the smallest dots focus on blue.


The significant point about Quantum Dots is that they can produce more greatly saturated and precisely defined chief colors from blue LEDs than users get from the pretty broad and imprecise light spectrum connected with white LEDs.

It easy to guess that the QLED will demand a premium price, as the least model is expensive, however, the premium price will likely decrease soon in the future. But after paying higher prices, you will be able to have an advantage in picture quality and improved light output and color.

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