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Your Next Smartphone Will Have Amazing Innovations with Biometrics

Some of us can be satisfied with the pin code security on their Smartphone. They can think that this feature is enough to make their device safe. But the cutting edge technology has brought a right and best fit biometric system to lock and unlock your Smartphone. Finger print sensors are able to recognize the users' finger prints and give better option of security.

Most of Smartphones that are launched into the market come up with fingerprint sensors out of which some devices have such finger print sensors on the front of the device especially on the home button, some of the Smartphones have them on their side and some others have finger print sensors on the back of the phone. This finger print sensor technology provides great convenience to users and actually makes unlocking the device a breeze.

You know, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and takes a new form with inventions. Most popular Smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung and Apple are having a race to find new destinations in the process of development in mobile technology. These companies are striving to develop the next wave of biometrics for Smartphones. New biometric system under this next wave includes having the fingerprint scanner on the device screen directly. It is great to unlock the device just when a user touches its screen when the phone is locked. The finger print scanner implemented instantaneously scans and unlocks the device.


Before launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it was a rumor that the device will be launched with this feature. But on release, it came to be known that the fingerprint scanner was conveniently placed on the back of the device. The same kind of rumor rose about the Apple. Apple was actually working on iPhone 8 to load the device with this feature but Apple felt difficulty in implementing this feature. Apple may just place a finger print scanner at the back of the phone.


But to the surprise of the technological world, Vivo, a Chinese mobile manufacturing company has already developed and implemented this latest technology. Vivo has developed this new fingerprint sensor technology and according to which Vivo’s technology Vivo Under Display is a fingerprint sensor and it can be positioned under glass, aluminum or an OLED screen.

The finger print sensor is ultrasonic which could actually be found in some existing devices. The ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic sound waves and these waves can penetrate the skin of your finger and actually capture a 3D image of your fingerprint. Vivo's fingerprint sensor cannot be affected by ambient light, and the best part is that it can also work with wet fingers and sweat marks. For making it

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