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Return & Refunds

Online Returns

All items sold on Tigmoo, under certain conditions, can be returned within a period of 7 days from delivery date.You can send us an email of return request by quoting your order ID in subject line along with the word return For eg: Return Order #00012092 and send mail mentioning all other details to

Then follows a Requirement for a valid procedure where other details are validated from the admin side and confirmed over email/call like:
  • • Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc)
  • • Reason for return has to be valid and return acceptance conditions met (check out below)
  • • Return method.
  • • Refund method that you would like and the necessary information associated (bank account number, etc.)
  • • Return form returned with the product

  • Should there be any item damaged due to our transportation, please contact our customer service within 24 hours for claim purposes. Remember to send back all items including the free promotional items that came with the purchase. If forgotten, the return will not be accepted. We will arrange a pick-up at your convenience within 48 hours after you submit the return request.
    Note that for pick-up, we will make 2 scheduled attempts.
    However, after 2 pick-up attempts, we will cancel the return procedure and you will not be able to return your product to us anymore.
    Once your product is retrieved we will perform a quality check.
    If the quality check is successful, we will refund you according to your requested refund method. This will happen within 10 days starting from when your return request was submitted. Note that if the quality check is unsuccessful, you will not be refunded and will be sent back your product.

    Category for Returns eligibility

    Categories Customer Changes Mind Wrong Item Damaged Item
    Mobile Phones& Tablets Phones
    Accessories /Electronics
    Small Home Appliances
    Cookware x
    White Goods x
    Large Bulky Items x
    Others x


    Refund process begins after we have completed the evaluation of your returned product. We will send you an email notification once return examination completed. Note that some refund methods are available according to your payment method.

    Refund methods available according to payment methods.

    Payment methods Refund methods
    Cash Refund Voucher or Bank Transfer
    Bank Transfer Refund Voucher or Bank Transfer
    Refund Voucher Refund Voucher
    Debit Card Refund Voucher orBank Transfer

    Time to get reimbursed after the examination done

    Nature of Refund Time Frame
    Refund Voucher 24 hours
    Bank Transfer 15 days
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